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Tip #11

When covering yourself from opponents. Here are the don’ts and do’s.4   Next, Tip 12 (coming soon)

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Tip #10

Partner Up ¬† Always try to be with someone, that way he has your back while your moving forward. Another thing is that if someone starts shooting you and you don’t know where it came from then he can help you out. It…

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Tip #9

Playing a Bunker   Next, Tip-10

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Tip #8

Know you next move Thank You for taking a look at PHT. Next, Tip-9

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Tip #7

Snapshooting Watch This Video. Perfect Example Of Snap Shooting Thank you For Visiting PHT, Next, Tip 8   Any Questions or Comments¬† Feel Free to comment Below.  

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Tip #6

Aim Before You Shoot When playing paintball you will feel anxious to just shoot somebody but before you shoot you must aim. For a couple of reasons, first if you miss you have now alerted your opponent and now he will start shooting…

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Tip #5

Playing On the Sides Make sure to play on the sides of the field especially if you are a beginner. Because if you play through the middle you are vulnerable to get hit from anywhere around you. But by playing on the sides…

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Tip #4

Learn to shoot with both hands By knowing how to shoot with both hands you now have the advantage of shooting from both sides behind the barrels or walls. This will give your opponent less opportunity to shoot you because you do not…

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Tip #3

Know Your Marker (Gun) You have to trust the gun you have when going into the match. Know how it works how fast it can shoot or how fast you will need to refill your ammo. Know if your gun has the potential…

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Tip #2

Know the field. One thing that will definitely help you a lot even doubling your chances of winning or lasting more in the game is to know the field in which you are playing in. You have to know all of the different…

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